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13 Jun
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Enforcing a foreign judgement in Spain
Category: Corporate Law
In Spain foreign judgements are recognized based on bilateral or multilateral treaties or understandings. Outside of the EU the main international organisations concerned with deve...
11 Jun
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Category: News, Trade
INCOTERMS are the set of rules which govern the transport and delivery element of international trade. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) formulated INCOTERMS in order to ...
17 May
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Role of Administrator of a Spanish Company
Category: News
The role of administrator of an SL in Spain 1. What is an administrator of a company? The Law relating to companies in Spain dictates that every commercial company must have an ind...
01 May
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How to verify an EU VAT number
Category: Accountancy
When dealing with a company in an EU member state, it is important to ensure that you have the correct company details for inclusion on all invoices. This particularly relates to t...
01 May
Employment law in Spain
Category: Corporate Law
GB Abogados provide a range of employment law services to both companies and individuals. Our bi-lingual team of solicitors benefit from years of experience in employment law in Sp...