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04 Abr
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Incorporating a European Company S.E.
Category: Accountancy, Corporate Law
Forming a European Company – Societas Europaea (S.E.) If you have a company incorporated in an EU country and wish to expand your operations into another EU country, you coul...
04 Abr
Trade with Spain
Registering a foreign company in Spain
Category: Brexit, Corporate Law
Gascón Bernabéu offer a wide range of services to both private clients and companies. Our accountancy and finance department are well versed with providing services and solutions...
17 Oct
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Registering for VAT in Spain
Category: News, Trade
Registering for VAT in Spain The process of registering for VAT in Spain is open to international companies. IVA (Impuesto de Valor Añadido) is currently 21% in Spain.  Companies...
02 Ago
GDP in Spain 2nd Quarter 2018
Category: Economy, News
The Spanish Institute of Statistics have published the provisional Gross Domestic Product figures for the second quarter of 2018. Key Points The GDP in Spain registered a growth of...
13 Jul
Changing the usage license of a commercial property in Spain
Category: News, Property
Changing the usage license of a commercial property in Spain When renting or purchasing a commercial property in Spain, it is important to ensure that the building has the correct ...