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03 Jun
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Reclamaciones contra deudores en el Reino Unido
Category: Corporate Law, News
Reclamaciones contra deudores en el Reino Unido mediante el Título Ejecutivo Europeo Gascón Bernabéu es una firma de abogados especializados en el cobro internacional de deudas ...
13 May
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Procedimiento ordinario – the ordinary court process in Spain
Category: News
The process of court action in civil law in Spain is called “procedimiento ordinario”.  This kind of legal action can be taken in a wide range of circumstances. Common situati...
23 Ene
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Claiming against a debtor in Spain using a European Enforcement Order (EEO)
Category: Corporate Law
Gascón Bernabéu is a firm of solicitors who specialise in international debt collection for both private clients and companies. Our particular focus in on cross border disputes b...
13 Jun
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Enforcing a foreign judgement in Spain
Category: Corporate Law
In Spain foreign judgements are recognized based on bilateral or multilateral treaties or understandings. Outside of the EU the main international organisations concerned with deve...